Midnight Blue Light Special Book Review

Midnight Blue Light Special Book Review

Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire is the second book in the InCryptid series. Midnight Blue-Light Special sees the return of Verity Price in Manhatten after managing to stop the Snake Cult and reuniting the Dragons in Discount Armaggedon.

Midnight Blue-Light Special is a weird one because although its the second book in the series and also in chronological order set about 6 months after Discount Armaggedon, it seems to have done a better job of describing who Verity was and recapping the events of the first book giving people more of a background and for me a more enjoyable experience. Covering up for me the weaknesses I saw in the first book. Like the Dresden Files where while I enjoyed Storm Front, I wouldn’t say I was completely hooked on the story until Grave Peril, I think that Midnight Blue-Light is that book for me in this series.

Verity’s life has returned to relative normal and she’s made some positive changes at Fish and Strips with the help of the new management in Kitty. Along with the development of her relationship of her colleagues after they all came together to defeat the cult with a greater understanding of the difference between each other. The happy ever after right with Verity still having an on and off thing with Dominic you’d think everything was ok, but when Dominic came to her saying the Covenant was coming that was all to change.

In Midnight Blue-Light Special you saw the return of most if not all of the characters from the first book but what was amazing was the way things changed, the view that these different species were human in the fact they weren’t but they had the ability to overcome their natural instincts for friends or family. The key characters were Sarah, Istar and Ryan. Istar being the most stand out character for me seeing how she could live alongside what would normally be here prey was awesome. One of the big things also was the swap of narrative halfway through the book, you switch for a short time to a different character that really helps with the difficulties the cryptid do face trying to part of the human world and not wanting to harm it.

Overall I gave Midnight Blue-Light 4/5 on Goodreads and while that is getting common. I really enjoyed the book and while it wasn’t that a couldn’t put down so I didn’t give it a 5. At some points, I was thinking I would give it a 3 because I could see some of it coming but then I realised that is part of a good story making some of the doubts real.