Hidden Bodies Book Review

Hidden Bodies Book Review

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes is the sequel to You and I have to say its very enjoyable. It brings back Joe Goldberg and he is all loved up with Amy Adams as she comes back into his life after the murder of Beck his first love.

You for me was a little difficult at times because the way it was written to Beck, not the reader however Hidden Bodies is written in the traditional first-person style. We catch up with Joe as he is all loved with Amy Adams and as the relationship develops Joe decides to go Los Angeles in search of her. Where he meets someone in the Soho House and everything changes for him.

While still a Thriller I would say Hidden Bodies is closer to a romance than You was. The problems he faces are dealing with his past and while reading both Hidden Bodies and You, the books bring up some interests thoughts about society and the way that people are and how different someone can be.

Hidden Bodies for me was a softer and not as hard hitting as You. However, Hidden Bodies had me screaming inside don’t do it. I think this is where the two books differ. You was there to shock you push the intrigue to push the creepiness. Hidden Bodies was now you have something and you just have this gut feeling its going to come crashing down on Joe and your routing for him.

Overall I gave Hidden Bodies 4/5 on Goodreads. Which is higher than You because I just found it easier to read, but without the one book the other wouldn’t be here You set up a good stage for me to enjoy Hidden Bodies. It wasn’t so much creepy horror anymore but it didn’t need to be for me because we already knew the lengths that Joe would go to but it still kept me reading you wanted to see if he’d go one way or the other.