Brief Cases Book Review

Brief Cases Book Review

Brief Cases by Jim Butcher is a collection of 12 short stories set in The Dresden Files world from multiple characters perspectives.

Being new to the series and only really having read Side Jobs and Shallow Souls I was pleased to say that one one of the stories repeated themselves for me and that was Cold Case from Molly’s perspective which I didn’t mind rereading. However, having done some research Brief Cases brings together some new stories and quite a few old ones so if you’re up to date with everything Dresden then you might find 7 of the 12 stories repeated. That being said though they might not have the information added at the beginning of the stories by Jim in other anthologies.

There was two stand out stories from me that was A Fistful of Warlocks and Zoo day. These two were very different in fact I would say Zoo day is completely different compared to other Dresden Files stories because it goes over the same story three times but from three character experience and you get an insight to Mouse which was awesome. I also found A Fistful of Warlocks really good as well because it was before Harry but allowed to see more of Lucio.

The only theme of Brief Cases was that Jim was trying to right some wrongs it felt. The fact it contained 3 Bigfoot stories as Bigfoot creatures seems to feel lacking in the main series was quite interesting. It also added more to Harry as he started to understand more about parenting,

Overall I gave Brief Cases a 5/5 on Goodreads because I found it enjoyable even with the reread of Cold Case. There was nothing wrong for me with the stories and it just added even more depth to the story along with more insight into the universe. Day One needs an honourable mention as well because it was nice to see Butters, throw his own spin on what it meant to be a Knight of the Cross.