The Dresden Files: Cold Days Book Review

The Dresden Files: Cold Days Book Review

The Dresden Files – Cold Days by Jim Butcher has a weird timeline but Harry wakes up being nursed back to health by Mab and Demonreach after Ghost Story. Mab tries to kill Harry daily has his physiotherapy and entrusts his care to her seemingly BFF Sarissa.

Once his birthday comes around and Halloween Mab gives Harry his first assignment as the Winter Knight, that seems impossible enough but once he gets back to Chicago he finds out he was instead of 3 days 24 hours as nothing is ever simple for Harry. Harry doesn’t really want to take on the assignment but as always Mab holds a trump card to force Harry into a corner.

Cold Days was enjoyable for me and still gets four stars on Goodreads but I did find this book a little frustrating after Ghost Stories, and seeing Harry adapt to the situation using his mind rather than his physical dominance. While it was nice to see Harry go back to his old ways now he was in his body, it would have been nice for him to think about things a little more like he did in Ghost Stories.

Cold Days also did a very good job of explaining more about the Faire and the fact that one side is actually stronger than the other, however, they are entrusted with keeping the entire of the dynamic in the mortal world safe and I felt this was really well done because we saw the mothers again and it added new information and put a huge twist on the story. The main objective kept changing as information came to light whether directly or indirectly and creating other smaller objectives equally as important.

Cold Days is well worth read while not the best in the series it definitely doesn’t let it down either and has left for some interesting new stories with how it all ended.