Pet Sematary Book Review

Pet Sematary Book Review

Pet Sematary by Stephen King is my first venture into Stephen King books and it wasn’t a bad start.

Stephen King seems to be a huge deal in the book world when I did some research and started watching some BookTubers. Trying to keep my new found fondness for reading while struggling with the idea of reading larger books I decided for the month of Halloween I needed to take a break from The Dresden Files for a horror and fitting book for the season. Pet Sematary seemed to come up quite a few times and seemed to fit in with the size of books I had managed so far this year.

Pet Sematary is centred around a family that has moved to Maine and on a dangerous road, where up the hill from their house is a Pet Sematary with a secret. The dynamic between the family and their new neighbours is really good to see the change and felt well captured. There the characters are well put together and compliment each other for the story.

The problem I have is the horror side of the book, I was expecting something scarier more menacing then what actually happened for some reason. That being said however while the story seemed like it developed well and you could kind of tell what was going to happen next there were some shocking twists that I wasn’t quite expecting.

Overall I would give Pet Sematary a 3 out 5 because I did enjoy it however it wasn’t as if I couldn’t put it down either. I did after reading Pet Sematary watch the 1989 movie and felt that the book had a lot more in it and this is the first book that I have read where I felt the book was far better than the movie.