The Dresden Files: Ghost Story Book Review

The Dresden Files: Ghost Story Book Review

The Dresden Files: Ghost Story is Book 13 of the Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher. Which starts straight from where Changes finished which was a relief because it was such a cliffhanger and Jim Butcher and the Dresden Series, in general, has a habit of making major storylines miss a book in the series I have found.

Ghost Story Harry finds himself murdered and in true Dresden Files fashion being dead doesn’t stop him helping his friends as they in danger. Except he doesn’t have a body or magic to help them. Having no magic or body really did make a change. While we are used to Harry being Harry going into a situation with Raw Power and this all was turned on its head in this book because Harry started to have to think about the consequences of his actions before he did them more.

Ghost Story was really well put together with some new characters added to the story which added an extra dimension even if they weren’t in it for long. This added some awkward and comedic situations as well. The general feel of the book however for me reminded me of a Christmas Carol where you have the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and in a way future without wanting to give away too many spoilers.

The stand out characters for me in this book was the Butters, Bob and Molly. Yes, Harry was awesome but the truth is the way in which those three characters have developed throughout the series so far is well done and Ghost Story really brought that to the front of our minds as you learn more about them along with Leanansidhe. Evil Bob was the new character to hit the book although there was a slight mention of him in Deadbeat or explanation there could have been another entity.

Ghost Story is close to being my favourite book in the series so far, it isn’t quite on the level of Proven Guilty though holding the top spot for me but while this book had a lot of action to it as we come to expect of a Dresden Files book. It showed that Harry truly could adapt and change the way he did things along with showing different sides to other characters and the impact that Harry has on them.