The Dresden Files: Changes Book Review

The Dresden Files: Changes Book Review

The Dresden Files Files: Changes is Book 12 in the Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher. Which was an interesting title after the revelations of Turn Coat. Not just because of the traitor that was flushed out with the White Council but also the change in Thomas was another question.

However, I was shocked at the changes made in this book from the very beginning. Harry is faced with his long lost love Susan again because Arianna Ortega, Duchess of the Red Court has discovered a one of Susan’s secret and she needs Harry’s help which in turn has some very difficult decisions to make because he has to save his child.

That’s right I was absolutely gobsmacked when I read that in the first chapter of Changes because although I knew it was possible after previous books I had never thought about it. It is fast paced and the story itself turns out costing quite a few major characters something and will leave you thinking about what just happened. Along with answering some questions that you didn’t really ask yourself Changes is a book that has made the series change drastically.

As with any Dresden Files book, Changes was faced paced kept you guessing with some really well thought out action scenes I can’t recommend this book highly enough, however, I will say this is the first book in the series that I wouldn’t recommend you just pick up, however. Changes unlike the other books up til now relies heavily on previous books to get the gravity of the relationships of the characters. The other books to this point do to but you could get by this one really does need the back knowledge.

On to the next book after the huge cliffhanger, I have to read the next main storybook because I was going to read the books in publication order which would mean the first anthology of short stories, but the cliffhanger was so big I have to move on to Ghost Stories instead of Side Stories.