Dresden Files: Small Favor Book Review

Dresden Files: Small Favor Book Review

Small Favor is the 10th book of the Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher. It follows on from White Night where everything seems to be settling down for Harry until Mab comes back to call in a favor.

The favor that Mab requires pits Harry up against a deadly enemy and a just about as deadly Ally. Small Favor for me brings back all the main characters and brings them all together for different reasons but it was nice to see Ivy back along with Kancaid. Which lead to some interesting back and forths between Murphy and Dresden about their relationships with other people. These discussions kept a rather dark and deep book just above the line with some interesting humour that only Harry and Murphy can pull off.

Part of me knows that no story with Dresden is going to be happy but at some point, I wish he could just have a happier set of circumstances. That said though Small Favor did keep you guessing to whether or not he was going to concede and whether or not there was more afoot than met the eye. Some of the strains on the relationships although explained you didn’t see them coming, and I was going to chalk that as a negative until I remember how the book is written and on reflection, it makes perfect sense.

Like other books in the series as your seeing it from Dresden’s perspective, you don’t see things coming quite as quickly as you’d like because he doesn’t which in turn means that Jim the writer is doing an amazing job because it hits you like a tonne of bricks like it would Dresden.

Overall I would say that Small Favor is well worth the read and keeps the story alive and you wanting more from the series leaving unanswered questions and new storylines you feel like you want to sink your teeth into. Well worth the read I am only glad that I am not up to date with the series and can move onto the next book in the series straight away.