Dresden Files: Dead Beat Book Review

Dresden Files: Dead Beat Book Review

Dresden Files Dead Beat by Jim Butcher is book 7 in the series of The Dresden Files that follows on from Blood Rights and sees the return of the leader of the Black Court (Mavra) as she threatens to set Murphy up for murder.

Dead Beat centred itself around the fact Dresden now has family and his best friend in the world Murphy is threatened to lose her job and be set up for murder due to what happened previously in Blood Right. The thing is here this book seem deeper than other books that are in the series because Dresden now has to worry about his own mortality not just because he’s got friends but he feels this need to survive more than a previously viewed in other books because he now has a brother in Thomas.

Dead Beat starts off with a threat on Murphy and brings Dresden into a whole load of trouble Murphy doesn’t actually feature in this book she goes on holiday with somebody and takes some time off. The irony in as well Dresden does some soul searching, it makes Dresden question his feelings for Murphy whether they are more than friends or whether he feels that a little bit extra for her? As with any Dresden book, the original threat doesn’t necessarily mean that that is the only threat. The threat comes in the form of necromancers and the need to find the word of Kemmler.

With Murphy out of the story Dresden needs somebody to work with and starts with Thomas and then slowly brings in Butters. Butters is an Assistant Medical Examiner that obviously works in a morgue and this is the standout character in this book for me because the development of this character is great. The reason for this is that every character faces its challenges in every book in the series so far but he seems to have the biggest struggle and develops into somebody quite different yet still withholding his original values for me that’s why he is a standout character within this book.

As part of Harry soul searching the scene for me is when he’s having a discussion with himself and a person that shall not be mentioned because of spoilers but the discussions within his own head really added some depth to the story while holding on for some sort of normality. The necromancers as the main threat of this story is actually really well done you really feel like there’s a struggle there that they do hold something darker and they’re trying to work towards something stronger and dark and make themselves invincible even though they’re already quite tough in their own right and how Harry struggles to combat this.

As part of the series of books I’d say Dead Beat can be read individually there is enough description of previous events to be able to understand what’s going on however in order to fully understand everything and have all the backstories I would recommend that you read the book in order of the series because there are references to other books in the series so far, the reason for this is that not because you won’t understand the story that’s going on but because if you decide you like this book and want to start from the series beginning you would have given yourself some spoilers.

Dead Beat is a nice progression in the story I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best books in the series so far but it definitely added more depth and feeling to the story than other books have so far there’s plenty of action and twists and turns along the way we learn more about other people that you’ve already seen in the series that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of so overall I recommend this book to anybody that’s remotely interested in science fiction and detective novels.