The Dresden Files: Book 1-6 Review

The Dresden Files: Book 1-6 Review

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher is one of these books they’ve really captured my imagination. The problem with it is is that I got so into it there I was planning on reviewing all the books in the series but I got so engrossed in it but I ended up listening to all the first six books before I even managed to write a review.

The Dresden Files follows Harry Dresden a private investigator and a wizard based in modern-day Chicago. There is quite a twist because you’ve got a wizard that investigates supernatural behavior in the modern day. The book series kind of reminds me a bit of TV show Supernatural but crossed with Castle.

The audiobook is actually narrated by James Marsters and he does a really good job being the solo narrator with all the different types of voices for the characters and makes it really easy to listen to. Part of the reason why it’s such easy to listen to is that of how the story moves and easy flowing it has been and that I’ve actually been really engrossed in the story however due to the time of day that I’m listening to the story I’ve ended up falling asleep.

Each novel gives you a different case to deal with different threats coming in from all sorts of Supernatural beings, Harry has to navigate this really really well and also what makes this really really quite cool is that as the different cases come along they don’t actually change that much. As in you’ll see previous characters from the other books come back into the story that you wouldn’t necessarily expect and bringing some extra twists and turns as Harry investigates the current case. What makes this so good is the changes you don’t expect change how you feel about the character and their relationship with Harry changes into.

Also makes this series so different is that each species of people in the books have there own political structures and rules and regulations that they can do or can’t do and how they can interfere with the human world. Harry has to balance all these out and try and protect the human world that is his goal and also solving the case and it is quite interesting to see how we navigate the different worlds and political systems in order to solve the case.

Part of the addiction to these novels is you never know quite where Harry is going to go next up until this point the novels have been similar to each other but being completely different at the same time. You see different challenges that Harry has to deal with in order to solve the case or in order to keep the people that he cares about safe. While writing this review I kind of wish that I had stuck to reviewing each individual book because trying to put this review together well having read six books and try and squeeze into one review without actually giving away any spoilers is really quite difficult.

Overall I’d recommend the Dresden series to anybody it has something for everybody, I will say that the first book is probably a 7 out of 10 because it seems a bit slower and it takes some getting used to if you’re not used to the Sci-Fi genre period, however, I’d recommend staying with it because the third book really brings the series wide open and keeps you plugging away at the series for definite and it just seems to get better and better with novel each case is bringing something different to the story. For that reason I haven’t been able to put these books down I’ve added extra credits to my audible account in order to get the books quicker than once a month and I’ve been averaging two books a month which is at the beginning is 10 hours in the first book and then it slowly gets bigger and bigger at the moment I’m reading the seventh book and that’s 13 hours long so as you can appreciate that’s quite a lot of time to be listening to a book. It has taken me four months in order to read seven books I’m on the seventh book so as you can appreciate this is a series that you just can’t put down.

I will try and review individual books from now on because this was so difficult to write without giving you any spoilers but giving you the detail in order for you to appreciate the quality of the book. So if this review isn’t quite what you wanted I do apologize and if it rambles a bit I do apologise because I’m trying to fit 6 books into one review because the story is kind of merged into one at this point so can’t distinguish between the end of one and the beginning of another. Also with the backstories, they’re involved in there it is difficult to remember exactly which parts of which book was in which book because although you can remember the case and how it ended there’s other backstories that you can’t quite distinguish which book they were in.