A Quiet Place Movie Review

A Quiet Place Movie Review

A Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt is a thriller drama horror which the edges more on the Thriller side of the genre with jump scares in plenty.

The truth is this horror film is mediocre at best although the premises good the implementation of the premises good but with my own personal standpoint of jumpscares and this inability to control my jump reflex meant that it was a movie that I couldn’t really enjoy and couldn’t get into.

A Quiet Place is like the Marmite of movies this movie was well put together well implemented good acting and yet I really couldn’t get into it I spent the majority of the time in the movie theatre with my fingers in my ears to stop me from jumping this will be different for other people and I feel like that the reason for me disliking the movie isn’t necessarily the actors, directors or the plot fault it just wasn’t a movie for me.

A Quiet Place has an interesting plot, however, there are some serious plot holes. The problem with the plot is the situations that they get themselves into, that realistically anybody with an ounce of responsibility would not of let themselves get into. Emily Blunt plays a really good role and it’s quite a strong role in this in this movie and I still taking anything away from any of the other actors the younger actors I think did really well with the with the material they were given but there are some serious issues with this movie that I personally had the others might not have those suggested above but with that it’s really difficult to convey the review without giving too many spoilers away because the depth of the plot isn’t there so anything that is mentioned as a weakness or a strong point is going to be giving too much away.

A Quiet Place overall get an eight out of ten, even though this review is being quite negative the acting is really good the plot has a really good suspense and even though with shortcomings that I’ve mentioned that I haven’t really mentioned this is a movie you’re either going to love it or you’re going to hate it I’d recommend going to see this if you like horror movies and don’t mind jumpscares because the suspense they build up is really well put together. But if you do not like jumpscares I would recommend that you stay away from this movie because the suspense is so well done there any sort of sound had me jumping and this is why I didn’t really enjoy the movie.