Game Night Movie Review

Game Night Movie Review

Game Night is a murder mystery with comedy built in. Game Night follows a group of friends whose game night turns into a real-life mystery, directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstien starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams.

Game Night starts off very fast paced and it shows the competitive spirit amongst the two lead roles Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) that are a married couple and as the story unfolds you quickly see that Max has problems with his brother Brooks. its nothing special but when Brooks comes to town you really get an idea of the sibling rivalry that is at play here when Brook invites the group of friends to a game night has his house.

The casting was really well done for Game Night everyone seemed very suited to their roles and the way in which the couples within the group were well matched. Whether it was brought to you with the seriousness of the scene or the comedy value, the stand out chemistry though was between Jason and Rachel as the lead couple they really did work well together and brought the characters to life.

The writing was also well done, going into the movie I wasn’t expecting much because the plot is quite simply a murder mystery that goes wrong we’ve seen this before, but the comedy that was brought to the table just made it so much more. While the storyline wasn’t groundbreaking the flow and comedy within the movie made it enjoyable, with references to other movies and the way even when fast with the fact it was real and a dangerous situation some other smaller plots were still being discussed. These smaller plots while had no bearing on the main plots it added depth to the characters and added some great comedy moments.

Game Night does get an 8/10 because there are some silly moments in the movie but everything is covered in this movie. It has something for everyone comedy action and twists definitely worth checking out.